The government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security (MAFFS) has made a commitment to sustainably manage and expand existing protected area (PA) coverage of the nation’s territory. This has led to the establishment of the National Protected Area Authority and Conservation Trust Fund in 2012 to coordinate and monitor this process. The object of which the Authority is established is to exercise oversight authority over National Parks and Protected Areas designated for conservation purposes so as to protect the fauna and flora in its natural state, promote sustainable land use practices and REDD+.

Creating and sustaining vast territory as protected area will require an integrated approach, including ensuring the sustainability of the current protected area network, building the capacity of the new institution, establishment of responsive management instruments, evaluation of the potential for new protected areas, participatory processes for gazettement, co-ordination among government and non-state partners, and effective management of existing and newly created Protected Areas.