Following the recommendations in the National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan, MAFFS proposed the creation of 15 protected areas, 8 in the terrestrial ecosystems and 7 in the wetlands covering 6.8% (490,659.21hectares) of the land cover (7,200,000hectares).
Currently there are four National Parks, the Outamba-Kilimi, Gola Rainforest, Loma Mountains and Western Area Peninsula National Parks and one Game Sanctuary, the Tiwai Island Game Sanctuary.
Government has approved the creation of a National Protected Area Authority (NPPA) and the setting up of a National Conservation Trust Fund (NCTF) for sustainable management of the Protected Areas.

1.Outamba-Kilimi National Park and Kuru Hills ComplexNational Park (Declared 1995)National Park110,9007,001.21Bombali & Kambia
2.Gola Rainforest National ParkNational Park (Declared 2010)National Park 75,000Kailahun, Kenema & Pujehun
3.Loma Mountains National ParkNational Park (Declared 2013)National Park 33,201Koinadugu
4.Western Area Peninsula National ParkNational Park (Declared 2013)National Park 17,688Western Area
SUB – TOTAL243,790.21
5.Kangari Hills Forest ReservesNon-hunting Forest Reserves 1930 FR, 1973 NHFRProposed Habitat / Species Management Area 21,375.4Bo & Tonkolili
6.Tingi Hills (Sanka Biriwa)Non-hunting Forest Reserves 1930 FR, 1973 NHFRProposed Habitat / Species Management Area 11,747.6Kono
7.Kambui Hills Forest ReservesForest Reserves Proposed Habitat / Species Management Area21,228Kenema
SUB – TOTAL54,351.0